Transform Your Look with Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningYou’ve brushed with whitening toothpastes. You’ve used whitening mouthwash. You’ve applied over-the-counter whitening treatments. Your smile, however, isn’t changing. Your teeth remain the same color they always have. Why? Teeth whitening isn’t necessarily a quick-fix when you attempt to do it yourself. A professional in-office teeth whitening, however, can change your appearance in as little as one hour.

Are You a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

It should come as no surprise that professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. No matter what generation or demographic you belong to, teeth whitening is an option. Young and old alike, white collar professionals and blue collar workers, college students and retirees – all groups have the option to achieve a whiter smile. Teeth whitening conducted by your Burke dentist is one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective cosmetic dentistry treatments available.

Plus, patients don’t need to have flawless teeth to qualify for a whitening treatment. Even if your teeth are crooked, overlap in spots, or are gapped, they deserve to be white just like anyone else’s teeth. In fact, teeth whitening treatments are responsible for helping make dental flaws recede. It’s easy to overlook imperfections when teeth are white, clean, and stunning.

The foundation of your smile, however, is the major indicator of whether your dentist will green-light you for teeth whitening. Your teeth and gums must be healthy and strong before any cosmetic dentistry treatments will be carried out. If you show any signs of tooth decay or periodontal disease, these problems will need to be addressed before teeth whitening can take place.

The Two Types of Tooth Stains

Professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment that is more effective than any over-the-counter teeth whitening treatment. But there is one big element that will impact whether teeth whitening will work for your smile – the type of tooth stains or discoloration you have.

Perhaps a long-term smoking habit has stained your teeth, maybe a medication has caused discoloration, or you may be quite attached to your all-day coffee or soda sipping. Any of these factors can lead to tooth stains. The question is, what can be eliminated and what cannot?

Extrinsic tooth stains can be blasted away by the bleaching strength of professional teeth whitening. If you have stains that are living on the surface of your teeth, these have typically been caused by what you eat and drink. It’s not necessarily the foods you ingest that are causing the stains, but the acids within the foods that are eating away at your tooth enamel. This erosion of the enamel leaves teeth vulnerable to every little stain, plaque, tartar, and bacteria. If you don’t maintain good oral hygiene at home and keep up with preventive care by visiting your dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and exams, discoloration will find a place to live and stick around until you do something major to eliminate it.

Intrinsic tooth stains are a different story. Some people simply have DNA that gives them yellowish-looking teeth, usually caused by thin tooth enamel that allows the dentin of the tooth to show through. Enamel can also thin as you age, and there is no rejuvenating tooth enamel at that point, there is only covering it up. In these cases, teeth whitening won’t make a dent in your appearance, but cosmetic dentistry treatments like porcelain veneers can.

Quick Teeth-Whitening Fixes Do Exist – Choose the Right One

Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments promise miracles. Perhaps whitening strips lighten teeth, but the repair is temporary. There are also users who want even whiter teeth so they may choose to ignore the usage directions on whitening products which can lead to gum irritation and uneven whitening.

There are also “natural” teeth whitening methods like strawberry pulp or charcoal which claim to whiten teeth without chemicals. These fixes are also temporary. While the abrasive methods may scrub away some surface stains, they will not dig deep and permanently break down stain molecules. Natural methods may even leave enamel compromised and more susceptible to staining. Professional whitening treatments require hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to effectively alter the appearance of a person’s tooth enamel.

In-Office Teeth Whitening from LifeTime Smiles Burke

You want your teeth whitening treatment to whiten and brighten your smile. The benefits of a carefully conducted professional teeth whitening treatment can also make you look younger, happier, and healthier. You’ll be more likely to smile and speak up when you’re confident about the teeth you’re revealing.

Choosing LifeTime Smiles in Burke for your teeth whitening will ensure that your smile is carefully and meticulously whitened so that your teeth and smile look authentic. Your oral health and comfort are always carefully considered. Precautions are put in place to protect gums from any sensitivity to whitening treatments. Your dentist makes every effort to create safe and effective teeth whitening experiences. Contact our office to schedule your teeth whitening consultation and learn whether this cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for your smile makeover.