Veneers Offered at Lifetime Smiles Burke’s top Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Know what veneers are for, as well as its anti-aging benefits

If there is one cosmetic dental clinic that provides quality and durable veneers to clients, it’s LifeTime Smiles. With our cosmetic dental services such as composite veneers, patients can now achieve the look they admire from actors, models, beauty queens, and personalities from dental TV ad campaigns who have a perfect set of teeth. Having this kind of teeth is attainable.

Dental veneers or porcelain veneers are thin custom-made shells designed to cover the teeth surface in order to improve appearance. The nature of veneers can be compared to artificial fingernails placed on top of natural nails. These porcelains can change the color, shape, size or length of the teeth.

Veneers provide effective solutions for discoloured, chipped, worn down, stained, misaligned, and uneven teeth. They are also used to fix irregularly shaped teeth and teeth with spaces in between.

Dentists may place a single veneer over a natural tooth to repair its fracture or discoloration. Otherwise, they place multiple veneers over the entire teeth set for a total revamp.

Treatment planning is key to a successful veneer application. Patients will need to explain what they want to achieve as the dentist performs the procedure. Veneers are not suitable for everyone, one reason why X-rays and impressions of the patient’s mouth and teeth are conducted to ensure utmost safety.

Veneers last for many years, another advantage that patients may want to consider. They can chip or break like the natural teeth, but the small chipping can be repaired or a new veneer may be placed.

Veneers and braces

For crooked teeth, the more popular choice among clients are braces, metals that are aligned over the set of teeth. Because both veneers and braces seem to provide solutions to similar problems such as spaces between teeth, many are quite muddled about which one is the more appropriate treatment. You may have heard of patients whose reason for having braces is because of a small misalignment involving only two teeth.

Braces are recommended to repair major conditions such as cross bites, huge gaps, excessive crowding and more. Minor cosmetic concerns such as chipped and discoloured teeth, as well as tiny gaps are treated with veneers.

Small and very tiny teeth spaces that orthodontics or braces may not close are treated with veneers.

Compared to the cost of braces, veneer cost is determined per tooth making veneer treatment a more costly option than other similar treatments.

Veneers as an anti-aging solution

Patients baffled by anti-aging treatments in the market nowadays mainly focus on the face, the arms, the legs, or the bellies. Many of these treatments focus on wrinkles and skin sagging among many others. But what is the effort of trying out these common anti-ageing procedures if the person is left with a smile that looks just as old as your antique table at home?

Veneers can minimize wrinkles and laugh lines by pushing out the facial area above the veneer, mending wrinkles in the upper lip. When this happens, the lips appear fuller and more pouty.

For a more youthful look, veneers can lengthen teeth making the mouth fuller by pushing out the lower lip.

Old age is also seen from the dark spaces that appear in the rear corners of the mouth when smiling. Veneers can widen the back teeth, and therefore widen the smile and lessen the dark corners. Veneers also help with teeth staining due to aging.

Let this cosmetic dental clinic provide you with the best tools according to your specific needs – whether you want to just improve your smile, or, slash a few years from your age.