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If you are experiencing a dental emergency right now,
please call (703) 270-0699.

After-hours emergency contact information is available on our recorded message.

Dental emergencies that involve trauma, swelling, and severe pain are given priority at LifeTime Smiles in Burke, Virginia, may require an emergency dentist.  If you have experienced a mouth or tooth injury and are worried about the consequences for your oral health, call our Northern Virginia dental office right away so you can receive prompt attention. Dr. Sina Reangber and Dr. Steve Fassnacht are prepared to tend to your oral health needs immediately and keep your teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth healthy.

Is Your Injury a True Dental Emergency?

There can be a lot of blood in the mouth after a collision, fall, or accident. Many mouth injuries look worse than they are because of the many blood vessels in the mouth. In some cases, what seems like an emergency may not be a situation that needs immediate attention.

It’s also important to keep perspective when you find yourself with a chipped tooth, for example. This kind of damage is stressful, but quick dental work will not make the biggest impact here. Getting the right cosmetic correction is more important.

Broken cosmetic dental work, like a veneer or crown, or a broken dental appliance like an Invisalign tray or orthodontic retainer, are problematic, but unless the problem is causing serious pain, there may be no need to immediately head your Burke dentist’s office.

Types of Dental Emergencies

There are different levels of urgency when it comes to dental problems. If at any point you have concerns about your oral health, do not hesitate to contact our Burke dental office to report your problem. We can determine if you need to be seen right away or help ease your anxiety while you wait for an appointment.

If you aren’t sure if you should contact your Burke dentist about an oral health problem, typical emergencies can include:

  • Dislodged tooth
  • Tooth knocked out
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Mouth or jaw injury
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Sudden, prolonged discomfort
  • Bleeding gums
  • Abscess
  • Toothache
  • Lost filling
  • Broken or lost crown

Avoiding trying to decide yourself if your oral health problem is an emergency or not. Waiting too long for a dental repair could result in bigger problems and more restorative dental work, which will be costly and require more time at the dentist’s office.

Common Emergency Dental Repairs

The severity of some dental emergencies will require several dental visits to complete your treatment. Depending on the nature of your dental emergency, your repairs could include:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Root canal therapy
  • Porcelain crown
  • Dental bridge
  • Inlays or onlays
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures

Rest assured, no matter what oral health problem you are experiencing, there is a solution for it. You may not always like the ideas presented to you, but your Northern Virginia family dentist will make the most convenient and appropriate recommendations for your oral health care so you can get your mouth back to normal as soon as possible – in both appearance and function.

Dr. Reangber and Dr. Fassnacht at LifeTime Smiles in Burke, VA, are the dentists you want to see when you are having a dental emergency. Their expertise and gentle approach will put you at ease while they tend to your oral health problem as efficiently as possible. For the more serious dental emergencies or especially anxious patients, sedation dentistry allows you to sleep away your time in the dentist’s chair so that you wake up with a new smile.

Contact us immediately if you are experiencing a dental emergency. We serve Burke, VA, and all Northern Virginia communities including Springfield, Annandale, and Fairfax.